Eating and drinking in Riccione

Feldberg Riccione Hotel Restaurant: 4 star service

Brilliant breakfasts, lingering lunches, afternoon treats and decadent drinks and dinners, at Feldberg Hotel we serve up the best in Italian food, from dawn to dusk. The Dining Room awaits for you: a light and bright environment, elegantly furnished.

The Grand Breakfast Buffet, featuring hot and cold starters and a wide selection of side-dishes, salads and vegetables. This is just the very beginning of your gastronomic journey, made of genuine specialties and tasty Mediterranean flavours.

Every week a special themed dinner is organized, varying from traditional “Romagna” recipes throughout “sandy dinners on the beach” and up to “Italian sushi”! Home-made desserts and pastry, a special attention to allergies and intolerances… And again the perfect top notch service, the excellent refined standard and a carefully stocked wine cellar fulfil the decadent tasting experience at Feldberg Hotel.

Children’ menus at lunch and dinner

Customizable menus for athletes and groups