Business (and pleasure…) lunch!

Business dinners and lunches!

Companies that organize congresses Riccione, in our hotel or the Riccione Palacongressi, often require work lunches (also called light lunch) and dinner.
The lunch is at the discretion of our customers, the company that book our meeting rooms or staying for a trade show or a convention, requires menu suggestions to our sales department.

These requests are passed to our chef according to customer preference (meat or fish, typical or original course …) and the budget of the company, process variations for a meal that meets but should not be too heavy because there is the Congress in the afternoon

Very similar for the dinners, but in this case we can also suggest more elaborate dishes, as well as real theme nights (always chosen by the Companies). Of course the ideal would be that all meetings would last at least two nights at the Hotel Feldberg!
So you could opt for a menu of fish and one fo meat and trying part of our range of choice!
We often organize dinners for companies and institutions in the area, this guarantees a high level of service and ability to handle extremely well business groups.
As well as being synonymous with quality!