Outstanding Quality

Quality restaurant

Hotel Feldberg’s concept of restaurant has quality always as the main aspect. This means that we prefer in-season produce, we greatly value freshness and we put on display local culinary delights.

It is a demanding task (continuous research and daily deliveries) but it rewards us greatly: our guests’ enthusiasm for the restaurant’s propositions means we are on the right path. This is also due to our choice of suppliers since we almost exclusively collaborate with local producers and companies. So that when you stay at Hotel Feldberg you can be sure that almost everything is born and raised or cultivated in the Riccione area.

For instance, the vast majority of vegetables, beans and fruits are cultivated in our background, on the hills you can see from your room or from the beach. But quality doesn’t stop at vegetables, it goes all the way up to fish. We are by the sea, after all… If you eat fish at our restaurant, it is the catch of the day (except during periods like fishing prohibition) and if you eat meat, it is thanks to companies and breeding farms in the surroundings.

Hotel Feldberg Cuisine: a smooth blend of tradition and innovation!