Hotel Feldberg Riccione express check-in

Hotel Feldberg Express check-in!

As you may know, checking-in at a hotel in Italy is a bit different from other countries. Italian anti-terrorism laws force the hotel to indicate your personal details and send them to the police. It is for this reason that we ask for your passport or ID and then we fill in the details in your place. But at Hotel Feldberg we always try to improve the services provided. The latest news (beside our Wellness & Health centre) is about a check-in procedure, appositively thought to save time and make you holiday even more enjoyable: Hotel Feldberg express check-in!

You can check-in directly from home and make your arrival smoother. Upon arrival, your holiday is ready to begin in just one minute! And bonus point: no more forgotten passports or ID!

Easy, Convenient… Express!

Upon booking confirmation, you will receive a link to download the app “MyMobileCard” for free from iTunes or Google Play store. Simply download the app e insert your personal details. You will receive a QR Code for your booking.


Once arrived at the hotel, you will only need to show the QR Code at the reception desk and your holiday will be ready to start!