50 Years

Hotel Feldberg: in the last 50 years we have refined the art of hospitality

At the end of World War Two, in 1949, Rina and Alfredo Ciuffoli emigrated to Venezuela where they opened a restaurant, which became a great success. A few years later, in 1955, they returned to Italy, to romagna, where they bought a small pensione, pensione Adria in Rivazzura (Rimini) and started their lives as hoteliers. In 1960 they sold up and moved to Riccione where they had, Hotel Feldberg, built, it opened in the summer of 1962.

The family has continued the tradition of hoteliers, with their son, Raffaele (Lello) and his wife, Lidia, and in the following years, together with their sons, Massimiliano and Francesco, gave birth to Maximilians
Hotels, a small chain of hotels:

  • Hotel Feldberg Riccione
  • Hotel Tiffany’s Riccione
  • Hotel Sporting Rimini
  • Hotel Ambasciatori Rimini
  • Hotel Biancamano Rimini
  • Residence /Hotel Piccadilly Rimini

In 2012 we celebrated our first 50 years of hospitality!